About Us

What You Should Know About Us

We embody both tradition and inovation. A Portuguese start-up company that spent two years working on research and development fine tuning the products which we now present to the public. In a conscient effort we keep the production in "our back yard" assuring the excellence of the manufacturing of our products throug rigorous quality control tests which allows us to demonstrate e elevate the quality of Portuguese fabrication.

Why We Do It

We work to fill in the existing gaps in the market of outdoor products. We aim to energize this market through the promotion of research and development on new technologies and materials implementing the union of our clients and associates, creating a strong feel of community in this group.

Mission, Vision and Values


To produce with excellence, mastery, and craftsmanship products capable to withstand the harshest environments allowing its users to reach their peak performance.

To promote the continuous development of technologies creating ever new improvements in products, reaching new levels of quality and utility.


Achieve global brand recognition cemented on the quality of our products.

Support the national industrial development.

Create a strong relationship with our clients, associates and collaborators.

Be a reference on development.


Product´s excellence.

Consumer´s trust.

Technological development.

Environment and social sustainability.

About Our Products

Mafipro Products

Our search for excellence resulted in all of our products being constructed using the most recent materials available on the market, with cutting edge manufacturing technics, put together by the true craftsmen resulting on a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

In order to guarantee the level of quality with which we commit to our customers our products are put through the most rigorous and extensive tests assuring their performance and longevity.