The J1 Dark Blue Jacket from Mafipro has a simple and efficient design and offers protection against rain, wind and oils keeping you dry, clean and co (...)

Brand: Mafipro
Product Code: MFP019C0001
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Waterproof protection all day long

The J1 Dark Blue Jacket from Mafipro has a simple and efficient design and offers protection against rain, wind and oils keeping you dry, clean and comfortable.

This model is produced in a combination of PVC coated polyester fabrics. Its base is made with thinner fabric that makes it extremely lightweight and malleable and the reinforcements are in a thicker fabric to offer protection in the area that suffer most aggressions. Almost completely seamless, is 100% waterproof, affordable and practice. The colours were chosen to increase visibility in dimly illuminated environments promoting the user’s security.

With a modern design, its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Includes two easily accessible frontal pockets to store small and medium accessories, two frontal zipper covers developed by our team to avoid water entrance through the zipper, a hood and neoprene wristbands.

The pockets are seamless and weld to the jacket which makes them completely permeable. Their location was chosen to favour the accessory’s access and avoid water entrance through the top.

It contains a tree layer collar that provides storage for the hood when it’s not being used. The hood is also waterproof, lightweight and was developed so it doesn’t block the peripheral vision nor restrain the user’s movements.

Comes with a built-in neoprene wristband that adapts to the wrists girth and prevents water entrance. The back ends with an arched extension to let the water flow down even when you bend over.

Appropriate for usage in fishing, agriculture and industry segments.


Product adjustable to various sizes.




100% Waterproof product.


Perforation resistance.

Technical Information

Main Fabric: 13% Polyester, 87% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

1,10 Kg

Instructions and Care:
Rinse through running water after each use. Let dry in a dry, ventilated place. Do not store in bag until completely dry.

Washing Advice:

Hand wash only
Do not use bleach
No dry clean
No ironing
No tumble dry
Main Fabric

This product is mainly produced in a low thickness PVC coated fabric.

This product is produced using lightweight materials.

This product offers waterproof protection.

This products comes with a built in waterproof hood that stores itself in the collar.

This product contains neoprene cuffs in the sleeves that prevent water entrance and increase ergonomics.

This product comes with a built in shoulder and back reinforcement.

Frontal Pockets
This product includes two frontal pockets with easy access for small sized item storage.
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