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Brand: Mafipro
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Lightweight and convenient for hot days

The MT1 Plus Thigh Wader from Mafipro is perfect for hot days with a lot of movement.

Made from 4 layers Breathable fabric, they’re 100% waterproof, extremely light weight and versatile what makes them perfect for hot weather and active work with a lot of movement. With a reinforcement knee-pad to protect the knee and shin area and an adjustable strap to keep them in place. The fabric, in addition to being permeable, is breathable, allowing the air to pass through from the interior to the exterior avoiding sweat and overheating.

This model contains an Eagle Grip Plus boot, in PU, completely “metal-free” and antistatic. The outsole was specially designed to have an exceptional grip in extremely slippery surfaces and, on top of that, includes a TPU area which improves the outsole performance and acts as an anti-torsion support. It’s anti slip and highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals, oils, solvents and temperatures up to 30˚C.

The technological combination of injected PU-TPU provides even more durability, comfort and higher resistance to the outsole. It also helps keep the original appearance for much longer and the smooth design makes it easy to clean.

Appropriate for any activity involving shallow to medium height waters.


Product adjustable to various sizes.




100% Waterproof product.


Perforation resistance.

Slip Resistance

Sole with non-slip notches.

Technical Information

Main Fabric: 100% Polyester

1,43 Kg

Instructions and Care:
Rinse through running water after each use. Let dry in a dry, ventilated place with the boots upside down. Do not store in bag until completely dry.

Washing Advice:

Hand wash only
Do not use bleach
No dry clean
No ironing
No tumble dry
Main Fabric

Breathable 4 Layers
This product is mainly produced in a 4 layer breathable fabric. Mafipro’s breathable fabric is waterproof, windproof, durable and flexible to the touch. It’s a layered shell fabric that ensures a high level of long-term performance. The secret of these fabrics is the waterproof-breathable membrane which contains millions of micro pores that are smaller than the water particle but larger than a water vapour particle, keeping the water outside while allowing the sweat and body moisture to escape.

This product is produced using lightweight materials.

This product offers waterproof protection.

This product comes with a built in knee reinforcement.

Adjustable Waist Straps
This product contains adjustable straps on the waist for personalized fitting.
Specification | Boots

Thermal insulation
These boots prevent heat loss and offer outstanding thermal properties. Thanks to its unique recipe and molecular structure, the boots assure excellent cold insulation down to -20 °C. The CI (cold insulation) classification also means that the upper surface of the insole should not exceed 10 °C after 30 minutes.

Heat resistant
Shoe sole resistance to hot contact up to 300 °C.

Oil resistant
The outsole is oil resistant, which prevents the boot surface from being damaged by the adverse effects of oily substances.

Energy absorbing
These boots feature energy absorption on the heel region which reduces the impact to the foot while walking preventing and minimizing the risk of injuries.

These boots have antistatic properties that guarantee an eletrical resistance between 100 and 1000 MΩ, which allows them to avoid electrostatic charge and eliminate the risk of electric shocks.

Slip resistant | SRC
SRC CERTIFIED SLIP RESISTANCY | The boots classified as SCR meet the most demanding requirements for slip resistance as they satisfy both SRA and SRB classifications. SRA refers to slip resistancy on ceramic tile floors covered with detergent and SRB refers to slip resistancy on steel floors covered with glycerine.

These boots are 100% waterproof to ensure they keep your feet dry under wet and dirty conditions.

These boots are made with light weight materials to promote a pleasant and easy walk.

The O4 classification is the second most demanding category regarding occupational footwear. The boots with O4 classification have slip resistance, antistatic properties and feature energy absorption of the heel region. They are tested and certified in accordance with the EN ISO 20347:2012 standard.

These boots were designed to offer a perfect fit, making them a confortable choice for everyday use.

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